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fraudulent transfer

What Is Fraudulent Transfer?

Bankruptcy is frightening enough without people starting to throw the word ‘fraud’ around. Debtors may simply be trying to protect themselves in a bad financial situation, and suddenly it seems like … Read Full Article

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debt consolidation

What You Don’t Know About Debt Consolidation

When you find yourself deep in debt, it can be overwhelming. Whether it is credit card debt, or another kind, it is easy to find yourself further in debt than you can easily manage. Debt consolidation is an increasingly popular way to handle this … [Read More...]

should i hire a bankruptcy attorney

Should I Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney?

While you may have heard that it is possible to file bankruptcy on your own, there are many different details that go into filing for bankruptcy that can dictate whether or not it is approved. There are those who are able to file their own paperwork … [Read More...]